Who we are

Digitread IoT’s core team

Creating valuable industrial IoT solutions requires a combination of broad industrial understanding, a high degree of technical insight and in-depth knowledge of modern software development. With Digitread IoT’s origins, Digitread IoT has a toolkit containing more than 20 years of experience in implementing PLM and CAD tools for the industry. We understand the needs of the industry, we are familiar with the technical solutions and we are experts in the IT field. Hence, we can be an ‘everything from a single source’ supplier for industrial IoT solutions.

Christoffer Lange

Industrial IoT Product Manager
Christoffer has a passion for utilizing and combining new technologies to build smart solutions. He has 10 years of experience in developing 3D software for design automation in the oil and gas industry. For the last couple of years, he has been in charge of Digitread’s industrial IoT initiative. He has also worked on helping software teams work more efficiently in agile projects and to use the lean approach. Christoffer always puts usability in focus.

Lars Hvidsten

Systems Engineer and Developer
Lars has a background as a mechanical engineer and is studying for a master’s degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of Southeast Norway. As part of his studies, he is also gaining professional experience in the field and can use this knowledge to the benefit of our customers. Lars has a passion for software development as well as the opportunities that Industrial IoT can provide a business.

Torben-H. Wölke

Product Manager Marine and responsible for the German Industrial IoT market.
With his background as a ship architect, Torben has his roots in the marine industry. Since 2010, he has worked with digital design processes and has helped the marine industry to use the latest technology to solve problems using a holistic approach. Today, Torben is responsible for the German IoT market.

Jan Rodahl

Business Development Manager
Jan has a background as an electronics engineer and has vast experience with electromechanical solutions. Through a long career, he has built up a large network throughout the Nordic region.

Helge Kjeilen

Helge’s business experience comes from leadership and entrepreneurial roles in a variety of technology and software-oriented companies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In 1993, he was CEO and co-founder of Summit Systems, which became Digitread in 2015. Throughout this period, Helge has worked to promote digitalization to Norwegian and international industry, as well as working closely with academia on many large and small projects. Helge is also currently developing Digitread IoT, where Digitread is blazing the trail in the industrial IoT market.

Didrik Kjeilen

Business Developer
Didrik has a background in economics and has experience from sales and customer care. He has a keen interest for technology and analytics, and finding efficient solutions.