What is IIoT?

What is IIoT?

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) means using smart sensors and actuators to improve production and industrial processes. IIoT solutions harness the power of smart machines and real-time analytics to take advantage of the data that has been produced in industrial environments for years.

Digitread IoT implements IIoT solutions for customers who have varying needs. A common denominator for the solutions is that data from sensors that already exist in many technical installations and data from new sensors are connected to a central unit. From there, the data is distributed to the cloud, downloaded, processed and presented in real-time via a dashboard on a PC, on a webpage or in an app.

Picture of Christoffer Lange and Jan Rodahl
The functionality is being tested. Christoffer Lange and Jan Rodahl check that the technical solutions work in such a way that ensures the data is collected correctly.

Sometimes, customers are looking to monitor conditions such as temperature or pressure. By reading real-time data, it is ensured that processes are functioning properly without the need for anyone to be physically present to look after them. Often, such systems are set up with alarm functions that are triggered if certain data parameters exceed set limit values. The alarms can be distributed in many ways such as by text message.

It is particularly convenient to use IIoT solutions in this way for remote installations, but it is equally relevant to use similar technology in many other production processes and in many other areas of society.

Published: 08.11.2019