Solutions developed for Disruptive Technologies-sensors

Solutions developed for Disruptive Technologies-sensors

Norwegian company Disruptive Technologies is pioneering the development of small sensors with a long battery life. Digitread IoT is now working on a project that will enable integration to allow the sensors to communicate with MindSphere.

The sensors developed by Disruptive Technologies have attracted international interest. Their sensors are small and extremely lightweight. At the same time, they are robust and can therefore withstand intense conditions and use little power. The battery life of the sensors can last up to 15 years, so they can be mounted, forgotten about and are virtually maintenance-free during this period.

The sensors that have been developed so far can monitor temperatures and movement. This affords the sensors a number of possible uses, for example they are well suited in systems where it is essential to check that doors and windows are closed. Another possible application is to mount them on office chairs to find out how much they are in use where optimization of office space is key.

Siemens will use Disruptive Technologies sensors in Statnett’s power hubs to monitor temperatures, while Digitread IoT will ensure that the data from the sensors is uploaded correctly in MindSphere. Digitread IoT will also integrate and build applications to present the data.

Published: 08.11.2019