Smart City at Ålesund Future lab

Smart City at Ålesund Future lab

Digitread IoT and Gagn IoT have set up a simple and playful pop-up demonstration of a smart city. The goal of the installation is to showcase some of the possibilities of IoT as well as how simple it can be to get started with modern smart technologies. The installation features several different sensors that can be triggered on the model-city. The input from the sensors is visualized in real-time on a progressive web application.

To be part of Ålesund’s future lab is a great experience for us at Digitread and our own IoT rockstar, Lars Hvidsten had this to say about the experience.

“There is a lot of buzz around IoT these days, but industries are still struggling to utilize the technology. We want to show how easy it is to get started with IoT and quickly get a return on investment. Coming to Ålesund and working with Gang is an amazing opportunity for us. There are many interesting companies here that will be part of the industry of tomorrow and are working with cutting edge technology and processes.”

About Future Lab

United Future labs Norway aims to be a facilitator for smart and sustainable projects, both from academia and private companies. Future lab is part of the UN’s smart city program for the implementation of smart sustainable cities. The goal of the smart city program is to achieve the UN’s sustainable development goals.


Published: 04.11.2020