Remote monitoring of floating docks to avoid accidents

Remote monitoring of floating docks to avoid accidents

Digitread IoT has developed an application that monitors floating docks using various sensors. The purpose is to monitor the condition of the floating dock and detect deviations by triggering alarms if an undesired event occurs.

Occasionally, floating dock accidents happen. In the fall of 2018, one dock capsized in Denmark, two other docks sank, one in Norway and the other in Murmansk, and to top it all off, a dock in Germany caught fire. All these cases show that more control and monitoring of the condition of floating docks is needed.

A large, mid-European shipyard group contacted Digitread IoT to find a solution to address their challenges. The purpose was to gain a better understanding of how a floating dock behaves.

Digitread IoT uses various sensors that the docks are already equipped with to measure the location of the dry dock in the water. Data about temperature and pressure from various components are also collected and sent to a cloud solution.

The developers use the Siemens MindSphere IT platform for this solution. MindSphere acts as an operating system for the industrial internet of things and can collect data from all types of sensors.

Using the SmartDock app developed by Digitread IoT, critical sensor data can be viewed or an alarm notification can be sent to a cellphone if something abnormal occurs. With this solution, the physical condition of the dock is presented in real time.

SmartDock Modules

Monitoring of equipment by data collection from sensors is not new in itself. The exciting thing about this project is that the data collection takes place on a scalable industrial IoT platform. The platform has a number of features that enable information to be extracted from the data. This can provide increased knowledge and insight into the behavior of the equipment.

IoT technology is connecting the physical and digital world together. Simulating and understanding digital results brings increased efficiency and security in the physical world.

The plan was to create a product for just this shipyard group, but Digitread IoT sees that the need for the solution is great and expects this app to be in huge demand from shipyards around the world. When the app is complete it will be sold through the Siemens MindSphere app store.

Easy, quick installation
When Digitread IoT’s IIoT experts arrived in Germany to work on the very first installation, the SmartDock app was already fully developed. It only took a couple of hours of work at the yard before they had connected their “boxes” and realized a well-functioning solution between the sensors on the dry dock and the SmartDock app via the cloud-based solution.

Christoffer Lange is "hands on" at a large shipyard.
Quick solutions. Christoffer Lange is “hands on” at a large shipyard. Existing data is collected and simultaneously presented in the SmartDock app in real-time providing the customer with a quick, effortless IIoT solution.

Already by the next day they were in a position to present the solution to the yard. They were very pleased and immediately saw the benefits of the new tool Digitread IoT had developed for them.

Instead of initiating a major IT project, Digitread IoT chose to take a smooth approach. In practice, this meant that the customer received a quick prototype containing real-time data from their own business. With real data to hand, the customer is able to see for themselves the endless possibilities that Industrial IoT has to offer.

With this initiative, Digitread IoT shows firsthand how industrial IoT solutions can both be developed and put into practice.

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Published: 06.12.2019