MindSphere – the IIoT operating system

MindSphere – the IIoT operating system

Digitread IoT uses the MindSphere platform for all the IIoT projects they work on. MindSphere is a cloud service that makes data from various sensors available on all digital surfaces such as mobile phones, tablets or PCs.

Developed by Siemens, MindSphere targets the industry and serves as an operating system for the Internet of Things. The information from the sensors that measure various parameters is connected to the internet and sends data back to MindSphere.

The fact that the solution is cloud-based makes it very accessible. In addition, it is also scalable, making it easy to start small and scale up as needs change. Thus, MindSphere is an important contributor to Digitread IoT delivering solutions that work effectively and that customers can use quickly.

Where advanced analysis, calculations or machine learning is sought, MindSphere also contains a number of underlying technologies that are specifically tailored to the industry in the form of available modules and APIs. These are used by the developers at Digitread IoT who develop them further so the final solutions are tailormade to the individual customer.

There is a broad spectrum of IT solutions available in the industry and they all require a number of special adaptations. Therefore, it is important to have an ecosystem that works industrially. MindSphere has open standards and open interfaces and can therefore communicate with all machines, sensors and connected devices independently of the supplier.

Published: 08.11.2019