Digitread enters into an IoT partnership with IntSpo

Digitread enters into an IoT partnership with IntSpo

As a result of this partnership, Digitread IoT is now expanding its service offering to include intelligent tracking of physical objects.

The Norwegian technology company IntSpo specializes in intelligent IoT-based tracking solutions for various industries. Among other things, Posten [The Norwegian Post] has tested IntSpo’s tracking services in an innovation project that aimed to track parcel cages in real-time. One of the challenges is that Posten must keep track of the 22,000 parcel cages they use to carry mail and parcels. Sometimes the cages pile up in places they are not needed, while there may be too few parcel cages where they are needed most. The challenge was to have enough free parcel cages in the right place at the right time.

“This innovation project allowed us to show how our real-time tracking solutions can work for Posten. The solution for tracking parcel cages worked, and Posten demonstrated that their vision of real-time tracking is possible”, says Hans Erik Karsten, general manager of IntSpo.

To achieve real-time tracking, the solution involved equipping the cages with sensors, or intelligent tracking chips, which provide an overview of where the parcel cages are located, e.g. at a terminal, in a van or perhaps in a store. It is this type of tracking chip, developed and supplied by IntSpo, that Digitread IoT will use as they also begin to offer their customers the ability to track physical objects.

A wealth of areas of application
“In fact, only our imagination limits what is possible. The areas of application are almost endless”, says Hans Erik Karsten. He is supported by Christoffer Lange of Digitread IoT:

“This collaboration allows us to offer tracking as an additional service to everything else we can already monitor with our solutions. For example, when digitalising shipyards, we can offer solutions that allow our customers to track physical assets at the shipyard. The shipyards usually know where their largest machines are, but smaller equipment, such as pallet trucks and other load carriers, can be out of sight or in places they don’t tend to be. Equipping such equipment with tracking chips makes it very easy to see exactly where all such equipment is at any given time, and the crew can go directly to it rather than searching the shipyard,” says Lange.

Intelligent chips
The tracking chips must often be attached to objects that have not been powered up before, which is why IntSpo’s chips are battery-powered. They use a new type of IoT technology that communicates over the mobile phone network. This technology has been named Cellular IoT and sends information regarding the physical objects to the cloud for further data processing. This is a low-frequency technology, and since the tracking chip only sends information occasionally, the battery life is long, which minimizes the need for servicing and maintenance. The tracking chips are also equipped with GPS and technology that makes it possible to track both indoors and outdoors.

Finished solutions
One thing both IntSpo and Digitread IoT have in common is that they want to develop good, functional solutions that customers can use without having to worry about the technicality of the underlying technology.

“That’s why we take responsibility for the technology linked to the tracking chips, and make sure we provide chips that are robust, stable and reliable, with a long service life. Digitread IoT collects the data itself and presents the results to its customers in apps on mobile phones or perhaps on a map on a PC,” Karsten continues.

“The purpose is to be able to offer a fully finished solution that the end customer can use immediately, without issues. I am absolutely convinced that this partnership will help achieve that,” concludes Lange.

Published: 28.02.2020