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Digitread app suite

extract even more value from your existing resources and make your business smarter by leveraging our IoT solution, Digital Assets.

Digitread IoT has developed several applications for monitoring, inspection, analysis, and visualization of historical and real-time data, which we have made into re-usable templates. We leverage our templates, as well as the most recent advances in development methods and technology. This way we can deliver a fully customizable solution with the speed one would only expect from an over-the-counter product. ‘

Our philosophy is that IoT shouldn’t be coslty or time-consuming. In only a few days we can provide you with a functional app displaying your data. That way you can realize the value of IoT right away and quickly expand the solution as you discover new opportunities.

Considering the methods and tools we utilize, you are not locked into any of our existing solutions and we are more than happy to develop a unique and scalable solution from scratch.

Digital Assets templates