We made Industrial IoT happen in 2019

Written by
Christoffer Lange

We made Industrial IoT happen in 2019

Digitread IoT successfully delivered valuable Industrial IoT solutions in Germany and Norway this year. Our holistic approach, managing the complete digital thread, all the way from the sensors to the end user application has been a key for getting business started with Industrial IoT.

We have engineered solutions and developed mobile applications for monitoring floating docks, air compressors and aquaculture products. We are thrilled to start 2020 with waving goodbye at the shore to a MindSphere-connected cruise ship with solutions delivered by us.

This year we have showed that Industrial IoT projects do not have to be gigantic projects that take a long time to accomplish. With our agile hands-on approach we can deliver solutions that our customers can benefit from after just a few days.

Do you want to have 24/7 control, improve performance, ensure safety or avoid down time for your assets? Just contact us! Do you have an old analog asset? No problem, sensors are cheap and easy to install. No matter what assets you have, we are here to help you!

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Published: 03.02.2020